1 bit studios reveals a trailer for The Alters, a mysterious new sci-fi game

1 bit studios reveals a trailer for The Alters, a mysterious new sci-fi game

So far, all of the IPs developed by 11 bit studios have turned out quite different from each other. For instance, 2014’s This War of Mine functioned as a survival sim played from a side-angle perspective. And 2018’s Frostpunk combined elements of both survival and city builders. 11 bit studio’s newest project, dubbed The Alters, looks like it will continue the developer’s streak of fresh ideas. Revealed during today’s PC Gaming Show, The Alters has an air of mystery surrounding it, as the debut trailer deliberately keeps us in the dark with its premise.

Clocking in at a little over two minutes, the debut trailer for The Alters begins with a man in a pink hospital gown waking up from bed. He slowly opens a door before walking down a long, dark hallway. He eventually ends up in a brightly lit room where a group of pink-clad men stands over and examines a dead astronaut. The man walks up to the astronaut only to find that, strangely enough, they share the exact same face. Stunned, he looks up and sees that everyone else also shares his face, albeit with individualized traits.


A startling twist

This causes him to stumble backward onto the floor in fear while the lookalikes stare and walk towards him. One of them extends his hand, and after some hesitation, the man allows his doppelganger to help him up. The camera then zooms out to reveal that the entire scene took place in what looks like one of several shipping containers attached to a giant ring, one that appears to roll aimlessly through a barren wasteland.

According to Game Director Tomasz Kisilewicz, the lookalikes in the trailer are known as alters, or “alternative versions of the same person.” Players have to team up with these alters to survive in a dangerous alien planet, all while forming relationships that change depending on the player’s decisions. As for how the game plays, we will just have to wait and see.

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