Her Universe intros the Year of the Fangirl

February 27, 2013 0

We all know that there are legions of fanboys out there for just about everything, but the Fangirl population is a rapidly growing one too. And it’s one that Geek Girl clothier Her Universe is […]

Preview: Deadpool #6 | Brutal Gamer

February 27, 2013 0

Jason February 27, 2013 Comics, News 968 Views Oh those dead presidents, they’re wacky. Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Deadpool #6, from the popularly elected creative team of writers Brian Posehn & […]

Preview: Shadowman #5 | Brutal Gamer

February 27, 2013 0

Jason February 27, 2013 Comics, News 824 Views The Valiant Universe goes Darque in Shadowman #5. Valiant is proud to present an advance preview of Shadowman #5 – the FIRST ISSUE of an all-new arc […]

Preview: Superior Spider-Man #6AU | Brutal Gamer

February 26, 2013 0

Jason February 26, 2013 Comics, News 1,511 Views AU, meaning After Ultron. So how does an Otto Octavius possessed Spidey handle a robot invasion? Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Superior Spider-Man […]

Dark Horse ECCC schedule released

February 26, 2013 0

Heading to the Emerald City Comicon this weekend? Then you might want to check out Dark Horse Comics’ lineup of events. The ECCC (that’s a lot of C’s…) has pretty quickly become one of the […]

Preview: Age of Ultron #3

February 26, 2013 0

Jason February 26, 2013 Comics, News, past 1,254 Views Marvel claims that the Age of Ultron crossover event will leave “no hero or villain unscathed”. From the looks of things in these previews of the […]

Preview: Harbinger Wars #1 | Brutal Gamer

February 25, 2013 0

Artist Clayton Crain joins the already impressive lineup of talent on Valiant Comics’ first big time crossover. Harbinger Wars will spill over into the pages of Harbinger and Bloodshot as well as have a stand […]

What is ‘Marvel #1’? | Brutal Gamer

February 25, 2013 0

Jason February 25, 2013 Comics, News 764 Views Marvel Comics left pretty much everything to the imagination with a mysterious announcement this morning about a new project called Marvel #1. With the title of “Marvel […]

‘Marvel of the Dead’ coming this Fall

February 22, 2013 0

No, it’s not more Marvel Zombies, this one is 100% original material and just might involve the grandaddy of modern zombie horror- George A. Romero. Marvel Comics released a super tease today in the form […]

Upcoming Batman doc releases trailer

February 21, 2013 0

The currently in Kickstarter ‘Legends of the Knight’ focuses on the “inspirational impact” of Batman and the all around style of “heroic storytelling” and just what it means to fans. “Batman has become contemporary mythology,” […]

First look at X-Termination arrives

February 20, 2013 0

Jason February 20, 2013 Comics, News 975 Views Marvel’s next big X-Crossover has the wraps pulled off today with your first look at Nightcrawler vs Wolverine and the X-Men in X-Termination. Marvel is pleased to […]

Toy Fair 13: Hellboy gets Mini-Qee’d

February 20, 2013 0

The cutest little (son of) the devil emerged at Toy Fair last week as Dark Horse Deluxe and Toy2R announced that Hellboy would be appearing in the Mini-Qee format. You might know Toy2R, the Hong […]

Marvel goes retro with third printing of ASM700

February 19, 2013 0

Classic Spidey fans should be pleased (maybe some more than others) with the cover of the just announced third printing of ASM700. Personally I’ll always have a soft spot for the bloated, white suit wearing […]

Preview: Harbinger #9 | Brutal Gamer

February 19, 2013 0

Harbinger #9 drops this week, or should we say ‘rises’? The issue focuses on the lighthearted (not to mention floating) Zephyr and her time at the Harbinger Foundation. Nothing can bring her down. She’s the […]

DST premiers Battle Beasts stop animation

February 18, 2013 0

Battle Beasts and stop-motion animation, two great tastes that go great together. The first series of Toys R Us exclusive two-packs are just hitting stores now and to celebrate the occasion toy and collectable makers […]

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