Wolverine: Japan’s Most Wanted #4 on sale now

July 31, 2013 0

Jason July 31, 2013 Comics, News, past 643 Views Marvel’s Infinite Comics initiative continues with the latest issue of Wolverine: Japan’s Most Wanted. The weekly digital book that is Wolverine: Japan’s Most Wanted is up […]

Archer & Armstrong #14 (comics) Preview

July 30, 2013 0

Valiant uncovers the origins of Archer & Armstrong’s ancient Sect Civil War starting right here in issue fourteen. For centuries, the cloak-and-dagger coalition of conspiracies collectively known as The Sect has worked together to bring […]

August brings seven new DST preorders

July 30, 2013 0

August’s edition of Previews magazine brings on seven brand new preorders from Diamond Select’s upcoming catalog. Get ready for more Star Trek, Star Wars, The Walking Dead, Marvel and (oh yes) Knight Rider. DST has […]

Avengers #18 (comics) Preview | Brutal Gamer

July 30, 2013 0

Avengers #18 sees the super-team setting out to unite the Marvel Universe against the coming threat of the Builder fleet. The brand new alien threat that the Builders represent are sure making for some strange […]

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