Eerie Archives Vol. 13 (Book) Review

November 29, 2013 0

Dark Horse gets classic with some horror from way back in the latest release  from the Eerie Archives. It’s somewhat late in the year to be reviewing something that is usually considered “Halloween material,” but […]

Sega 3D Classics start blasting onto the 3DS

November 29, 2013 0

Some of the most classic titles in Sega’s impressive back-catalog of arcade hits have started to leak onto the Nintendo eShop (for the 3DS) in three-dimensional form. Sega announced a while ago that they’d be […] announces Black Friday sales

November 29, 2013 0

How does 60+ games for 70% off from the comfort of your couch sound? Shopping store to store on Black Friday isn’t exactly the most comfortable thing in the world… or the easiest way to […]

Indie Royale Launches The Debut 7 Bundle

November 27, 2013 0

A chance to play some games that are on Steam’s Greenlight service before they hit Steam. The folks over at Indie Royale have launched their latest bundle.  Entitled the ‘Debut 7 Bundle’, the bundle contains […]

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