NYCC 2014: IDW announces exclusive lineup

September 30, 2014 0

There’ll be a nice little assortment of books and goodies for fans of IDW’s stable to pick up at the New York mega-con in a few days time. IDW is promising a little something for […]

Valiant debuts new vinyl toys at NYCC

September 29, 2014 0

Publisher Valiant Comics will be unveiling a brand new line of vinyl toys based on its popular superhero universe at the big NYC con. “Since day one, Valiant’s fans around the world have been demanding […]

Spidey and Ms.Marvel meet Spider-UK in Amazing #7

September 18, 2014 0

Just who is the enigmatic Spider-UK and what connection does he have to Spider-Verse? Together for the first time! The Amazing Spider-Man meets the Miraculous Ms. Marvel in the super hero team-up you’ve all been […]

A new flag-bearer rises in Captain America #25

September 9, 2014 0

Witness the rise of the all-new Cap in Captain America #25. This October, witness the heart stopping conclusion to the story that began in Dimension Z in the oversizedCAPTAIN AMERICA #25! Superstar writer Rick Remender […]

Spider-Man goes horrific in Edge of the Spider-Verse #4

September 5, 2014 0

Not all Spider-Men (or Women) from throughout the multiverse are all that heroic. Some are actually pretty horrible… things. This October, experience the horrors of the Spider-Verse as every Spider-Man ever prepares for multiversal war! […]