Scarlet Spiders #1 spins its web off of Spider-Verse

October 27, 2014 0

Three Scarlet Spiders take on a quest to an alternate dimension ruled by the villainous Morlun. Together for the first time! Amidst the chaos of Spider-Verse, three fan-favorite characters unite for a desperate mission into the […]

Spider-Woman spins her web out of the Spider-Verse

October 22, 2014 0

Marvel’s Spider-centric Spider-Verse crossover event produces a monthly book for one of the Marvel U’s longest standing spider-powered charters- Spider-Woman. This November, launching directly out of Spider-Verse comes a brand-new ongoing series starring the original Spider-Woman! Today, […]

Iron Man gets Superior in new monthly

October 20, 2014 0

The ‘superior’ label doesn’t just apply to Spider-Man anymore as Tony Stark gets (even more) smug and way more futuristic in Superior Iron Man #1, but is this an Iron Man that everyone in the Marvel […]

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