Venom to bond with Zen Studios’ Marvel Pinball

November 28, 2014 0

A table celebrating one of Spider-Man’s most lethal enemies is on the way. We’re not talking about ‘Agent Venom’ here either, while the more or less defanged ‘hero’ version of the character is the current […]

More Ultron coming in 2015 to Marvel Comics

November 26, 2014 0

Is there such a thing as ‘too much Ultron’? We’re gonna find out. Not only is there a major motion picture, not only is there an original graphic novel, not only does he (it?) figure […]

Axis comes to a close with issue 9 this December

November 25, 2014 0

Marvel’s massive Axis event book ends with a final issue that seeks to answer some big questions. This December, the Earth-shattering finale to the biggest comic event of the year explodes into comic shops as […]

Transformers 30th anniversary rolls on at IDW

November 25, 2014 0

If you’ve been enjoying the 30th anniversary goodness for the Transformers brand at publisher IDW, we’ve got some good news as there’s more to come. So far here in 2014, we’ve seen the conclusion of […]

Batman: A Visual History (Book) Review

November 24, 2014 0

DK produces a knockout of a book celebrating 75 years of one of comics’ greatest superheroes. One of the marquee publishers for large-scale tomes on comic book and pop culture characters, DK has been making […]

Dark Horse Presents hits issue #200

November 21, 2014 0

Dark Horse Comics’ anthology series is about to smash through the 200 issue plateau, not something that you see everyday in the current marketplace. With Marvel and DC starting and ending books on a yearly […]

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