Venom to bond with Zen Studios’ Marvel Pinball

November 28, 2014 0

A table celebrating one of Spider-Man’s most lethal enemies is on the way. We’re not talking about ‘Agent Venom’ here either, while the more or less defanged ‘hero’ version of the character is the current […]

More Ultron coming in 2015 to Marvel Comics

November 26, 2014 0

Is there such a thing as ‘too much Ultron’? We’re gonna find out. Not only is there a major motion picture, not only is there an original graphic novel, not only does he (it?) figure […]

Axis comes to a close with issue 9 this December

November 25, 2014 0

Marvel’s massive Axis event book ends with a final issue that seeks to answer some big questions. This December, the Earth-shattering finale to the biggest comic event of the year explodes into comic shops as […]

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