Marvel announces 9th issue of Secret Wars

August 27, 2015 0

Apparently, Secret Wars was’t big enough already. It’s the story that has the whole world on the edge of its seat. The biggest Marvel event of all time. The story that destroyed the Marvel Universe. […]

Book of Death #2 (Comics) Review

August 24, 2015 0

The second issue of Valiant’s massive Book of Death event holds in-fighting aplenty for the Unity team, and a bunch of revelations. Where we last left off, Unity had come together against Gilad, The Eternal […]

Nifty Valiant Comics themes hit the PSN

August 17, 2015 0

If you’re a PlayStation 4 gamer and a Valiant Comics fan, then you’re probably going to be pretty happy with the new themes that are now available. “Valiant is constantly striving to reach new fans […]

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