Soda Drinker Pro (PC) Review

December 30, 2016 0

Have you grown tired of simulator games? Had your fill of all the hyper realistic games that create the most accurate experience of that thing? Well my friends, here I share with you the most […]

Dark Horse announces The Art of Splatoon

December 30, 2016 0

Splat! Nintendo and Dark Horse are back at it with another collaboration, with The Art of Splatoon. Splatterific Art Art design might not be what you think of first when you consider Splatoon. When you […]

Deathstroke joins Mezco’s One:12 Collective

December 29, 2016 0

One of DC Comics’ deadliest villains, Deathstroke is about to crash into Mezco’s excellent One:12 Collection. The man known as Deathstroke Not only is Slade Wilson one of the biggest characters in the new ‘Rebirth’ […]

Alien: Covenant scares up a trailer

December 29, 2016 0

First debuting over Christmas weekend, this Alien: Covenant trailer is anything but merry and bright. The terror of Alien returns We don’t know too much about this new Alien film, other than that Alien: Covenant is […]

Savage #2 (Comic) Review | Brutal Gamer

December 28, 2016 0

The second part of Valiant’s mini-series, “Savage,” dropped on Wednesday. The newest issue adds some context to the story we received in the first story, but doesn’t quite do enough in terms of its narrative […]

Free Loot Boxes For All Overwatch Players

December 25, 2016 0

You’ve got five new Loot Boxes in Overwatch. Overwatch’s winter event has been going on for some time now. It added a holiday coat of paint, new game modes, and unique items. This last one […]

Winter Wonderland 2 Comes to ARK: Survival Evolved

December 25, 2016 0

Winter has come to ARK: Survival Evolved ARK: Survival Evolved is something that has been making headlines quite a bit. There’s been everything from updates, to DLC controversies, to unusual porting practices. It’s a very […]

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