Nintendo Download: Save Monster World Kingdom

November 29, 2018 0

A few possible gems debut in the Nintendo Download this week. Monster Boy, Superbrothers, Abzu, Coffee Crisis and more arrive. It’s actually not a bad week in Nintendo-land this week! Well, sort of. Some of […]

Spearhead VRX (Headset) Review

November 28, 2018 0

You might not have heard of headset-maker 1More. But if you haven’t yet, you will. That’s because their current effort, the Spearhead VRX, is terrific. Spearheading a line Probably like you, I was unfamiliar with […]

ioGear Wireless HD Digital Kit (Hardware) Review

November 26, 2018 0

Transmitting HD video wirelessly might seem like a fantasy, even today. But you’d be surprised by what ioGear has managed. Wireless video is here I’ve always thought of wireless video solutions as a fantasy. Well, […]

Meet Rampage, Fury’s steed in Darksiders III

November 23, 2018 0

The third game of the Darksiders series is almost here. And as usual, the starring Horseman has a steed. This time it’s Rampage. Rampaging Fury Pretty slick trailer right there. An iconic song paired with […]

Episode 53: The Big Two Hour

November 21, 2018 0

Hello, and welcome to episode 53 of the Brutal Gamer Cast!   Erich, Rick and Jason go over the week’s latest news. In addition to the news of the week, Erich explains why he thinks […]

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