Dusting crops and splittin’ tops

June 1, 2020 0

Atomicrops piqued my interest back when it entered early access in September 2019. The 2D top-down art style reminded me of some of my favorite shooters of the 16-bit era, like Total Carnage and Super […]

Rapture #2 (comic) Review | Brutal Gamer

June 1, 2020 0

Ninjak, Tama, Shadowman and Punk Mambo have come face to face with Babel amidst an endless battle. What will it take for these heroes to save the world? Check out Rapture #2. If you missed […]

Bankshot #1 (comic) Review | Brutal Gamer

June 1, 2020 0

Frank Gault arrives at the J Edgar Hoover building for a meeting, to find out that his associates have been treated rather roughly. Who could have caused this? Pick up Bankshot #1 to learn more. […]

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