Udon announces new Dragon’s Crown art book

June 3, 2020 0

Atlus and Vanillaware’s stylish action/RPG Dragon’s Crown is getting a fresh art book from Udon. If you’re a fan, then you’re going to want to see this. Artistic fantasy Dragon’s Crown was one of the […]


June 3, 2020 0

Join Marvel Unlimited Today to get Access to over 20,000 Digital Marvel ComicsIncluding a Treasure-trove of Iron Fist Comics! Marvels Online Comics Service Marvel Unlimited, Marvel’s digital comics subscription service, is pleased to offer a […]

Penny Arcade’s new D&D sourcebook launches

June 3, 2020 0

When you think of Dungeons and Dragons, you probably don’t think of Penny Arcade. But that’s just what we’ve got here with the new sourcebook. Acquisitions Inc To be fair, this new sourcebook for D&D […]

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