LEAP closed beta preview — A bumpy takeoff

January 22, 2022 0

Developer Blue Isle Studios describes LEAP as a multiplayer first-person shooter that blends numerous genres and styles. It’s got different character types, called exosuits, that come with varying abilities. There’s a classic assault class, a […]

Ghostrunner expansion, Project_Hel, delayed to March

January 21, 2022 0

Featuring sci-fi, cyberpunk looks, and fast, parkour-filled action, Ghostrunner was just about to get its first expansion with Project_Hel. Cyber-delay One of the more impressive takes on the cyberpunk genre, Ghostrunner is a wild action […]

Mortal Sin preview — To live is to die

January 21, 2022 0

And yet another first-person rogue-lite prepares to enter the fray. Mortal Sin features many of the expected hallmarks of the genre, but it has several things setting it apart. The first difference that really pops out […]

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