2K joins GOG with select classics, offers 50% off deals

If you’re looking for something to play this weekend PC gamers, then you might want to point the old browser to GOG.com and take a look at the 2K games that’ve just been added to the store.

“2K is a treasure trove of timeless masterpieces,” says Oleg Klapovsky, VP of Business Development and Operations. “We’re obviously thrilled about adding these classics to the GOG.com library, and we can’t wait to see what this partnership still has in store for everyone.”

Not a part of GOG previously, 2K Games has finally joined what’s become one of the most popular PC game download storefronts on the net. GOG has tons of games, both old and new, from a myriad of publishers, and now some of the biggest titles from 2K’s past are officially on offer.

Particularly if you’re into strategy games, this first slate is not to be missed. The entire set of past XCOM games (the stuff before Enemy Unknown) are up and ready to buy, as is Freedom Force, and even stuff like Sid Meier’s Pirates! Yep, this is some nifty stuff, and not to be missed.

And as a nice little bonus to get you started, GOG and 2K are offering a chunky 50% off discount on everything in the 2K stable singly, and a whopping 75% off on bundles. You know the drill though, if you want in on the deals you’re gonna have to hustle up and get over to GOG.com, the sale is only on till the 5th at 8:59am eastern time.

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