2K makes XCOM 2 official, coming this Fall

The roles are reversed in this sequel to the runaway strategy hit XCOM: Enemy Unknown/Within, as humans are now the invaders… on their own world.

Setup to be a very different experience than the original or the remake from a few years back, 2K and Firaxis’ XCOM 2 will cast the human forces in the role of the aliens in that remake. In short, they’ll be invading an Earth that’s been dominated and is now controlled by the enemy.

So it looks like guerrilla tactics are the order of the day here in this turn-based strategy sequel. And you better make sure every shot counts, as this time around you’ll have to struggle to maintain supplies in world that’s almost wholly against you and your team. Even your base of operations must be a mobile one (that was that big ship you just saw), as you’ll also have to constantly avoid detection by the alien collective.

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Ad although everything might look fine and dandy in the ‘new world order’, it most definitely isn’t. While you’re building your resistance network, recruiting soldiers, and surprise attacking alien outposts, you’ll also be working to blow the lid off of the real alien agenda, which is something that Firaxis isn’t spilling the beans on just yet.

We do know though, that XCOM 2 won’t be a long ways off, as the game is set to arrive this Fall on the PC, landing in November.

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