3D Realms readies a Bombshell for the PC

Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison is about to make a splash on the PC, courtesy of an action/RPG that’s loaded with 90s sensibilities and some very modern looking graphics.

Bombshell’s story begins with something called “The Washington Incident.” A former bomb disposal technician (hence the name), Bombshell was drummed out of Global Defense Force and became a mercenary for hire, selling services to the highest bidder.

Now enhanced with a robotic arm and faced with a chance at redemption for her past failures against the alien Kyrr and the demented scientist Jadus Heskel. She’ll fight her way through “surreal alien worlds to rescue the President and save Earth using a growing array of special skills.” As far as chances at redemption go, that sounds solid.

As far as gameplay, gamers can expect tech upgrades, combat abilities, and some seriously powerful hardware to feature. As you might imagine Bombshell’s arm can also be reconfigured and should present a somewhat unique addition to combat as well. Not that it doesn’t sound interesting enough already as it apparently blends an FPS control-type with the isometric perspective that you see in the trailer. Of course, it all looks pretty darn good too, with some of the nicest graphics that I’ve seen in a game like this in a long while.

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No release date as of yet for this one though, but it looks like something to add to your radar and keep an eye out for. We’ll have more as it’s released.

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