80 years of Marvel

Marvel Comics #1000 is a celebration of all things Marvel, and also a pretty ambitious 80 page story. This week, it arrives at retail.

80 years of Marvel

More than the number that’s on the issue itself, which I think is more or less just for show, Marvel Comics #1000 is a 80 year birthday celebration. It’s absolutely packed too with 80 pages of story, one for every year Marvel has been publishing.

More than that though, it also contains 80 different creative teams. Yes, there’s one team for every page. Yes, that’s insane. While all that’s tru though, there is one plotter in the form of Al Ewing.

A plethora of comics’ best and brightest – as well as luminaries from across pop culture – come together in this monumental collaboration! Witness the evolution of the Marvel Universe as you turn each page, each corresponding to a year in Marvel’s publishing. Plus, throughout the issue Al Ewing weaves an interconnected story, leading to the debut of an all-new hero!

“I don’t think it’s a huge spoiler to say that the very first page in the book is a Human Torch story. But we go from there into some very strange places, some characters that Marvelites might have forgotten about,” teases Ewing. 

Marvel Comics press release

Marvel Comics #1000 lands on the racks tomorrow, August 28th.

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