A Gotham Knights performance update won’t come until later

A Gotham Knights performance update won't come until later

The Batman Arkham series, and by extension Gotham Knights, hasn’t had the best track record with PC releases. In fact, the PC port for the latest game set in Gotham was especially troublesome. Luckily, Warner Bros Games is taking steps to fix some problems, but the first big update for Gotham Knights that targets improved performance won’t come until later.

The first update for Gotham Knights is a rather small one. It targets a handful of issues both big and small. This includes a strange bug where an enemy could play a meditating animation during crimes. Apart from that, the patch addresses the UI, issues with graphical settings not being applied properly, and numerous crashes. The update should help to make some aspects of the game smoother, but the big patch is where more problems will get addressed.


Gotham Knights‘ performance fix is incoming

The conversation around Gotham Knights has largely been centered on its performance. In fact, there have been plenty of comparisons to Rocksteady Studio’s Batman Arkham Knight. The final entry in the Arkham series had arguably an even more disastrous launch, which caused the game to be pulled from Steam for a time. But it’s strange that a similar story appears to be happening once again. In fairness, a big update could fix most of the issues found in Gotham Knights.

Another aspect that makes Gotham Knights‘ performance confusing, was the addition of Denuvo. The controversial DRM tech is known for lowering performance in select titles. But in Gotham Knights‘ case, it seems to have had no effect at all according to DSO Gaming, who also reported that Denuvo had in fact been removed. But then a Reddit post on r/pcgaming claimed that it was put back in. This is a very strange story that’s unfolding, but it’s emblematic of the current state of the game. If a big update can improve the performance of Gotham Knights and make it more stable, there’s a chance it could be better received. But until that time comes, it seems hard to recommend the game to most PC players.

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