A new Overwatch 2 Halloween Kiriko skin costs $26, and fans aren’t happy

A new Overwatch 2 Halloween Kiriko skin costs $26, and fans aren't happy

The free-to-play nature of Overwatch 2 always brought a dark cloud with it for the community. Much of the community’s fear awful monetization practices seems to be realized with the new Overwatch 2 Halloween event. Players are unhappy about the Halloween event not featuring many free rewards, especially considering how you could earn free skins in past Overwatch holiday events. But the cherry on top is the new Kiriko Witch skin, one of the only new skins in this event, getting sold in a bundle at a mighty price tag of $26 USD.

Kiriko’s new Witch skin costs 2600 Overwatch Credits, which translates to around $26 USD. Never mind how you can’t earn the skin for free, but you can’t even purchase the skin in one fell $20 USD swoop. The community on Reddit is up in arms over the price, with fans showing displeasure over the cost of these new skins.


Some are even criticizing Blizzard for marking the prices of these new skins as “on sale,” such as the Kiriko skin bundle which marked as “29% off.” That’s caused some confusion, especially since you can’t purchase the skin by itself.

That’s not the Halloween spirit

The Overwatch Reddit has long criticized Blizzard for its pricing of the new skins, especially during the Halloween event. For rewards that you can earn for free during this event, you can get Battle Pass XP, some voice lines, and some weapon charms. This is a far cry from the rewards given out in previous holiday events, and fans are taking notice. There is one skin you can earn for free, which is the new Winston Werewolf skin. However, you can only earn this skin by watching a partnered Overwatch 2 streamer for at least four hours.

The Overwatch 2 Halloween Terror 2022 event started today and ends on November 9. To earn the other free Halloween rewards, you can check out the returning Junkenstein’s Revenge PvE mode, which features the Bride of Junkenstein and a new PvE story featuring Kiriko.

Overwatch Halloween Skin

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