A new Saints Row reboot will seemingly be announced at gamescon 2021

A new Saints Row reboot will seemingly be announced at gamescon 2021

Back in 2006, the Saints Row franchise started life as an open-world game reminiscent of the Grand Theft Auto titles in terms of its premise and gameplay. Its sequel, Saints Row 2, followed more or less the same formula. But starting with Saints Row: The Third, the series began to veer in a more outlandish direction. This trend continued in Saints Row 4, which sees the player character fighting against an alien invasion using superpowers. After a long hiatus, it looks like the Saints Row series will change direction yet again, as both Geoff Keighley and the Saints Row website teased a reboot of the franchise.

Those curious enough to check out the Saints Row website will immediately see an image of a brick wall with the word “Rebooting” written in graffiti. Keighley’s recent tweet advertising the upcoming Opening Night Live event at gamescom features the same image, which suggests that gaming enthusiasts will get to see the official reveal of this reboot during Keighley’s live stream. The official Saints Row Twitter account highlighted Keighley’s tweet minutes after its posting.


Is it really a reboot?

Some have wondered whether this image teases the announcement of a remake or remaster rather than a reboot. To dispel any ambiguity over the news, the Saints Row Twitter account confirmed that the teaser image pertains to an all-new Saints Row game.

Over half a decade has passed since the release of the Gat Out of Hell expansion to Saints Row 4, and fans have understandably felt starved of new content since then. Now that the announcement of a Saints Row reboot is seemingly right around the corner, fans will finally get a chance to satiate that hunger. Those interested in the reveal can tune in to the Opening Night Live show on August 25 at 11 AM PT to see exactly what this reboot entails.

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