A pair of mighty Superman one-shots will close out current arcs this May

DC Comics has a dynamic duo of Superman one-shot issues on the way to stores this May. The oversized books will be tie up loose ends for both books. And they’ll also usher in a brand new era for the Man of Steel.

Two endings and a beginning

These are no simple “special issues” of Action Comics and Superman. Nope, these one-shots are meant to close out two recent runs of the books, and start another. That’s not to say that we’re looking at fresh number ones though, as both numbered series’ will continue on as usual. The new era that I’m talking about is the Brian Michael Bendis era.

The longtime Marvel Comics writer is joining DC, and will be taking control of both headlining Superman titles. That means that both will be helmed by the same writer, which is a first for the modern age I think. It also means that the current creative teams are not he way out. Or at the very least, the writers are.

But don’t worry about being left in the lurch, story wise. Dan Jurgens’ Action Comics and Patrick Gleason and Peter J. Tomasi’s Superman runs are ending with these very books that we’re talking about here. And that means that their arcs will be wrapped up nicely. Or, hopefully anyway.

Here are the official rundowns from DC:

  • On sale May 2, the 48-page ACTION COMICS SPECIAL #1 features “The Last Will and Testament of Lex Luthor,” written by Jurgens with art by Will Conrad. Beginning with the events of REBIRTH, Superman’s greatest enemy became his most unexpected ally. Is Lex finally on the heroic path, or is he still hiding his true colors? When he finds himself in an adventure where Superman could be destroyed, what will he do? Save the Man of Steel, or witness his demise at the hands of an unimaginable enemy? This oversize special also includes stories from Max Landis and Francis Manapul (TRINITY, JUSTICE LEAGUE: NO JUSTICE) originally slated to appear in the DC UNIVERSE HOLIDAY SPECIAL 2017 #1, and Mark Russell (THE FLINTSTONES, EXIT STAGE LEFT: THE SNAGGLEPUSS CHRONICLES) with artist Jill Thompson (WONDER WOMAN: THE TRUE AMAZON).
  • Available May 16, SUPERMAN SPECIAL #1 features Tomasi and Gleason’s “The Promise,” concluding a story from REBIRTH that began in issue #8, 2016’s “Escape from Dinosaur Island.” Before Superman’s world goes through some drastic changes, he has unfinished business to attend to on Dinosaur Island. Superman and the Losers’ Captain Storm take one final trip together into the abyss of tomorrow, which brings the military man out of time into the world of today. This 48-page extra-size special also features bonus stories by Mark Russell with art by Bryan Hitch and Ian Flynn with art by Kaare Andrews .

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