A recent Halo Infinite leak allegedly shows off over 30 helmets

A recent Halo Infinite leak allegedly shows off over 30 helmets

As time goes by, we are getting closer to the highly anticipated launch of Halo Infinite. So far, fans have seen glimpses of gameplay and small development updates, including one that informed players that Forge and co-op modes will not be ready for launch. Even so, fans have not learnt much about cosmetics yet for Halo Infinite. Now, thanks to a new leak, we may have been given a first glimpse of what the cosmetics in the upcoming title could look like. A leak showcasing some of the helmets that may feature in Halo Infinite has come to light.

The leak first appeared on a gaming leaks and rumors page on Reddit, showcasing an image gallery of Halo helmets. Once you open up the link, over 30 helmets appear, showing what are thought to be cosmetics that will appear in Halo Infinite. Some of the helmets are definitely impressive. From classic Halo designs to a crazy Christmas-themed helmet, the leak gives fans the first hint of what we could expect from Infinite skins.

Which leaked Halo Infinite helmet tops your list?

It is important to take the Halo Infinite helmet leak with a generous pinch of salt. It’s unknown which helmets will be available at launch, while some could be a reward from the game’s battle pass system. Most importantly, it is not certain that any of the leaked content will feature in the game at all.

However, if the leaked Halo Infinite helmets do make their way into the upcoming title, it is likely that they will be welcomed by fans. Classic Halo designs will always go down well, and seasonal cosmetics are a welcome addition too. But, unless there’s any official confirmation from the developer, we’ll have to wait until launch later this year to find out if this leak is accurate.


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