A remaster of the 1999 Wheel of Time game is now available on GOG

A remaster of the 1999 Wheel of Time game is now available on GOG

As one of the most popular series of high fantasy novels, The Wheel of Time has made its way into a variety of other media. If you ever wanted to play a video game adaptation of The Wheel of Time, then you’re in luck. A title based on the property already came out back in 1999. Licensed games have always had a reputation for their often poor quality, especially during gaming’s earlier years, but The Wheel of Time (1999) actually earned some fairly positive reviews at the time. Luckily, Nightdive Studios, Red Eagle Games, and GOG have all partnered up to release a remaster of The Wheel of Time game, so players now have a major opportunity to experience it for the first time.

For those wondering what this adaptation entails, it functions as a first-person shooter that takes place 150 years before both the novel series and the Amazon TV adaptation. Players control Elayna Sedai, known as “the Keeper of the Chronicles of the White Tower,” who aims to obtain one of the four seals needed to prevent the Dark One from breaking free of his prison.


First-person caster

Being a first-person shooter set in a fantasy world, The Wheel of Time ditches guns in favor of spells channeled through the use of magical artifacts known as ter’angreal. The game offers over 40 of these artifacts to choose from, and players can utilize multiple spells in tandem to produce some interesting results. Some of these spells serve as simple damage dealers, while others, such as the one that swaps your location with the enemy’s, have a more tactical element to them.

If you ever wanted to soak in the world of The Wheel of Time yourself, then this remaster may cater to your wish. The game has already released on GOG for the price of $9.99 USD, so curious players can go ahead and see if it holds up for them.

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