A Vampire Survivors update adds a guitar-playing, bat-woman character

A Vampire Survivors update adds a guitar-playing, bat-woman character

One of the best deals in gaming, Vampire Survivors, has gotten even bigger. The $3 USD rogue-lite by developer poncle has been receiving updates for weeks, bringing in more maps and characters to play. Over the weekend, Vampire Survivors got another patch, bringing in more new content, ranging from Arcanas to a guitar-wielding, bat-woman character named Concetta Caciotta.

Obviously, the new guitar- and monster-shredding character is the highlight of the Vampire Survivors patch. Concetta, as many before her, is hidden away in the game, and you need only to follow some easy instructions to add her to the stable. You can find her on the map Gallo Tower. At the start of the stage, head north to the question mark on the map where she’s locked away in a coffin.


However, there’s apparently a secret way to go about getting Concetta. YouTuber Serroh shared a video on how to get her more easily. As the footage shows, if you head upwards on the left side of the map. You soon stumble on a mirror, and approaching it will warp you to the coffin. Once the enemies are gone, Concetta bursts from the coffin with a guitar riff and a Mario reference. Good stuff.

Shredding guitars and monsters

The 0.5.2 update brings not only a new character, but a host of changes and additions to Vampire Survivors. You now have access to two new Arcanas, two more weapon evolutions, a new “relic/gameplay option,” another rank for Banish, and a new item pickup. The item in question is apparently one that can help you hoard gold, as seen briefly in the teaser trailer above. The patch also updates some sprites, adds a fullscreen toggle option, and increases the area scaling for the Unholy Vespers and King Bible. The framerate bug brought by the Celestial Dusting has been fixed, too.

Poncle also temporarily removed copyrighted music from the game. There was an option for streamer-safe music, but there may have been some issues. As it is, the option to choose safe music is now gone.

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