A Warzone PC companion app shows the stats of players in your lobby

Warzone companion app

The controversy surrounding skill-based matchmaking is a prominent feature in Call of Duty: Warzone. The purpose of the algorithm it to match you with players with a similar skill level to you. Some players have resorted to reverse boosting in order to get into better lobbies. Now, a new app has launched for PC players, the Overwolf companion app, and it gives you a detailed look at your lobby.

Popular Warzone content creator JaredFPS shared a clip outlining how the app works. Before the game starts, you can open up the app in the pre-game lobby. Here, you will see details surrounding each and every player’s kill to death ratio in your lobby, including the average kill to death ratio of the whole lobby and the average placing of each team.

Although the Warzone companion app can allow people to manipulate skill-based matchmaking even further, there are some benefits to it. As you can see the players with the best kill to death ratio and their total headshots, you may be able to identify a hacker. If you do spot a player with abnormal stats, you can opt to find a new game rather than becoming victim to the hacker. In addition, you can track your own stats and compare them to your friends or other Warzone fans. With the level of detail that the app provides, you can learn how to improve your gameplay.

The Warzone companion app is game changing

It is important to note that the companion app is a third party platform. Therefore, it is unlikely that Warzone developers are able to stop players from using it to their advantage. Due to how useful the Call of Duty: Warzone companion app can be in finding better lobbies, it is likely that it will grow in popularity.

Warzone Companion App

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