A Wildlife Adventure trailer gives us a taste of chill adventures

A Wildlife Adventure trailer gives us a taste of chill adventures

With the hustle and bustle of daily life, sometimes it can be really relaxing just to take it slow and enjoy the sights and sounds. If you want a taste of that Mediterranean air and long for an adventure in the wild, Ustwo Games has the right solution for you. The maker of Monument Valley and Assemble With Care is bringing the super positive game that is Alba: A Wildlife Adventure next month, and we have ourselves a new trailer.

When it was first announced in the summer, little else was known about the game. All we knew was that a young girl would be helping out in sorting things out on an island while on her vacation to visit her grandma. With the new trailer, we now have a better idea of what we can get up to during this little adventure. The island is definitely in a state of disarray, and full of things to be handled. It will be up to the little girl, her dad, and best friend to get it all together.

Peace and harmony

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure is not about rushing, however. The entire world seems very chill and serene. Whatever and whenever you feel like doing something, you can make that choice. If not, you are free to run around and explore. It seems that every corner of the island has something to offer. You can chat with the people, repair some damage, or even save wildlife that is trapped.

The animal life in Alba: A Wildlife Adventure is definitely the highlight. There seems to be a meta-game to snap pictures and collate a collection of animals that inhabit this island. Filling out your scrapbook will likely be the main driver for your adventures. If that all sounds like something you would love, the wait is not that long.

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure will arrive on Steam December 11.

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