Action Comics #1000 arrives with loaded slate of variant covers

Superman has hit a monster of a milestone. DC’s Action Comics has, at long last, arrived at the landmark issue #1000, and you best believe there are variants. A whole lot of variants.

The Man of Tomorrow

It seems to be the year for triple digits on comic books. Right now, issue #700 of Captain America is out, and issue #800 of The Amazing Spider-Man is coming up fast. But while those two (and a bunch more) books are still well in their three-digit runs, only one comic book has hit four. That, of course, is Action Comics.

With this week’s release, Superman in Action Comics has arrived at issue #1000. The book is loaded up with a set of stories, spanning the lengthy 80 year timespan that Superman has appeared in the series. Each one displays a very different vision of the Man of Steel, and that theme carries over into the stable of variant covers for the issue.

A total of seven covers have graced the book, from some of the publisher’s best talent. That includes the likes of Lee Bermejo, Dan Jurgens, and the mighty (Jim) Steranko. This is not the complete story though. In addition to the below covers, there’s also a hardcover tome with extra content, and a mess of retailer exclusives. So if you shop at Newberry or Midtown Comics, there’ll be an extra version for you to choose from.

As for the “main” variants though, all of the covers in the gallery are available right now. Grab ’em while you can.

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