Activision takes you back to WWII in first Black Ops 3 ‘zombies’ trailer

CoD Zombies is back where it all started, in World War II, and… is that a dragon?!

Okay, so yes that is a dragon. Dragons, zombies, and rifts in space/time aren’t really readily associated with the Call of Duty games, but they’re right at home in Call of Duty Zombies, which has really become a universe unto itself. This add-on mode has come into its own with Hollywood stars lending their voices and looks, and increasingly in-depth narratives.

As you can see, Black Ops 3’s zombies mode starts off in a Castle during the height of WWII. The mode stars a classic group of characters too, albeit with plenty of new arms and a new storyline that Activision promises will have “a variety of exciting plot twists and surprises that fans will have the opportunity to discover for themselves”.

If you’re a PlayStation gamer, this one’s right around the corner too, as it’ll bow in on February 4th for the PS4, before arriving on the Xbox and the PC at a later date.

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