Actor Nolan North confirms The Last of Us sequel

I guess it was kind if inevitable anyway, but it certainly sounds like Nolan North has confirmed that The Last of Us 2 is in development at Naughty Dog.

Nolan North is one of the most prolific actors in video games and animation. I don’t think too many people would argue with that statement after North has appeared as Nathan Drake in the Uncharted series, Penguin in the Batman: Arkham games, and yes- David in The Last of Us. He’s a terrific actor all around and may have just given fans a treat in the confirmation of a game that more than a few folks would be very happy to see on the way with The Last of Us 2.

Speaking to fans on a question and answer panel at the MetroCon event in Florida recently, North offered up that the game was in works when asked by a fan about his role as the main character in the first title. What he actually said was “I know they’re doing The Last of Us 2”. So there you go.

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If that’s not confirmation I don’t know what is. Now, there’s nothing else to report on the matter, so the game could be a long ways out, or scheduled to hit in early 2016, we don’t know. But take it for what it’s worth and sit happy in the fact that yes, there is a The Last of Us sequel being worked on right now by the masterminds at Naughty Dog.

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