Adam Corolla pranks some kids for the Skylanders: Trap Team launch

October 9, 2014
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Villains trapped in crystals? What happens when one of them is comedian Adam Corolla?

It actually would have been kind of cool if Corolla was a hidden villain in Trap Team somewhere… tossing out insults at Chompys and poking fun at the Skylanders all in one fell swoop. It’d be pretty neat. Of course, then he’d have to have a crazy Skylander form, since there’s no way a shlumpy Adam Corolla avatar would work in Activision and Toys for Bob’s fantastical world.

Or… would it?! In any event, Skylanders: Trap Team is available right now in stores for just about every console, the Nintendo 3DS, and select mobile platforms. Just don’t expect to see Corolla pop up anywhere in there when you’re playing.

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