Adi Granov covers for Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi OGNs revealed

Marvel’s original comic book adaptations of the complete Star Wars trilogy is on the way in remastered form, and artist Adi Granov has a pair of awesome pieces of art to go along with them.

We already took a look at the cover art for A New Hope, which’ll be the first of these remastered graphic novels to hit stores (obviously), and here we are with the rest of the series. Ari Granov has made quite a name for himself in the last few years with some excellently detailed and realistic work for Marvel, and these two are no exception.

Usually I find his work a little too realistic for my tastes, as I dig a little more cartoony of a look for my superhero comics, but it fits to a tee for Star Wars. The pieces look like movie posters for Star Wars episodes V and VI and that’s absolutely perfect for what we’re talking about.

The first book is scheduled to hit next month, so you don’t have too long of a wait to start your collection, with the other two arriving throughout the rest of the year.

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