After Reset RPG showcases human races as well as Feats and Skills

Black Cloud Studios’ After Reset RPG, which is currently on Kickstarter, is going to be a very big game in deed, with tons to do.

The developer, who recently reordered its Kickstarter campaign and relaunched to tremendous success, has some big things in store for RPG fans with After Reset RPG. We’ve already seen some of the various beasts and enemy characters that the title will have to offer when it finally sees release on the PC, but there’ll also be a pretty wide swath of human characters and groups present.

Not content with just the simple ‘survivors’ tag, After Reset RPG will have no fewer than 7 different groups represented. You’ll find simple survivors of the cataclysm that ‘reset’ humanity, but also the PastAgers (who live underground in high-tech megalopolises), the Deviants (mutants), Stalkers (people with strange connections to alien artifacts left during the Reset), Natives (native indian tribes who’ve set up new civilizations after the Reset), the Toltecs (a resurrected native tribe that as had contact with aliens), and the Touched (who Toltecs believe to be demigods). Yeah, that’s a lot going on.

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Also announced were the Feats,, special skills that your character can develop along the way in their quest. These were created to pay homage to the classic RPG adventures of years past like Fallout (the original) and Dungeons & Dragons, and are pretty wide-ranging. There are a ton of them, and you can check out a general overview here, or the individual Background and Character skills here and here. Detailed character info on the types of people in After Reset’s world can be viewed on the Kickstarter page as well, so make sure you check that out too.

After Restet RPG is set to complete it’s goal on the crowd-funding site in just a little over a day, at which point it’ll be on its way to the PC in episodic form, in the last part of 2015 of early 2016.

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