After the Fall adds Oculus Quest to supported platforms

After the Fall freezes 80s LA for a co-op, VR zombie romp

Owners of the Oculus Quest headset can look forward to a little 80s-themed, post-apocalyptic FPS action this summer with After the Fall.

Cold fear

We first told you about After the Fall a few weeks ago, and it remains a pretty sharp looking game. From Vertigo Games and Koch Media, After the Fall sets its post-apocalypse in a Los Angeles that never left the 1980’s.

In the game, LA was overrun by a zombie apocalypse decades in the past. Now monsters and hordes of the undead roam the city’s streets, driving the human population underground.

You play as someone who’s decidedly not underground, and is braving the topside. Thankfully, you can do that with up to three friends thanks to the game’s co-op play (though you can go it solo too). From the looks of things, you’re going to need all the help you can get.

Here’s a taste of the action:

Armed with full VR motion controls, players will venture out into enemy territory in teams of four, or accompanied by AI companions, wielding an arsenal of unique and deadly weapons in the face of hordes of Snowbreed – ferocious undead creatures that have driven humanity below ground – all in order to secure mankind’s survival for another day.

Koch Media

Originally After the Fall was announced for PC virtual reality platforms, as well as the PSVR. But the hordes aren’t stopping there, as the game is now coming to the Oculus Quest as well.

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Look for all of the above to arrive some time this summer.

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