Alaskan Truck Simulator gets new gameplay footage and a playable demo

Alaskan Truck Simulator gets new gameplay footage and a playable demo

The teams over at Movie Games and Road Studio showed off new gameplay footage for Alaskan Truck Simulator at the PC Games Show 2022. 

In the new trailer, various aspects of the sim’s features were displayed, such as the ability to freely hop in and out of the cabin and interact with standard objects like gas pumps to manually fuel the truck. Rather than simply playing a simple game of show-and-tell, the devs also released a playable demo on Steam to give the community a chance to get their own hands dirty with this gritty new truck sim.


Gears and grease

The tagline for Alaskan Truck Simulator is “Be a Trucker. Not a Truck,” which is a shot at big games, like SCS Software’s American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2. Those long-standing truck sims have stuck to the age-old formula of keeping the action squarely focused on driving and hauling mechanics, leaving any extra interaction between player and truck to button prompts and menus. 

Thus, Alaskan Truck Simulator seeks to differentiate itself not just by picking a less popular locale but by including a lot of interactivity with the world outside of the cabin. Players will be able to manually attach trailers, fix various components of their truck, and leave the seat and sleep in the truck’s bed, among other rudimentary tasks like feeding their virtual avatar. 

With all of these various tasks included, the sim seems like it’s trying to capture the ins-and-outs of truck life as a whole rather than only showing the long hauls and mastery of trailer parking. 

Alaskan Truck Simulator has a planned release date set for later this year, so it’s still a little ways off. That said, there’s no doubt the devs will implement the feedback that comes from the demo that’s now live on Steam.

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