All Endings in The Devil in Me: Guide

All Endings in The Devil in Me: Guide

The Devil In Me Finale All Endings Guide Best Ending Good Ending Worst Ending

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You’re going to experience one harrowing night of survival in The Devil in Me. Still, your nightmare must come to a fitting conclusion. And, in this particular game, there are two key events that can happen. Here’s our The Devil in Me endings guide to help you with what transpires in the last sections of the game.

Note: We’ll have a guides and features hub for The Devil in Me soon, so stay tuned. Likewise, please be reminded that this guide contains spoilers.


The Devil in Me all endings guide

The ending scenes you’ll get in The Devil in Me are based on the characters that made it through the night. These will follow the two main branching paths of the finale: the Lake chapter and the Ultimatum chapter. Moreover, there are three key moments or ending sequences in The Devil in Me.

The Curator’s comments

As usual, the Curator will talk to you about your progress:

  • Whether all characters managed to live through the night, if some of them died, or if no one survived at all.
  • He’ll also comment if you saved the dog, or if you ended up killing it (you monster!).
  • He adds if the surviving characters learned their lessons or mastered their own fears.

A strange whooshing noise can be heard before it slams on the door. We don’t know if this is a warning to the Curator by another entity, but he does tell you that you’ll see him in the future.

The Devil In Me Finale All Endings Guide Best Ending Good Ending Worst Ending 1

Screenshot by PC Invasion


There are a few variations here:

  • If any of the human characters survived the Lake finale, a trucker will spot them along the road. Cops and paramedics will then arrive. The heroes will chat about their future plans:
    • Mark and Kate talk about the former accepting the opportunity to work in New York.
    • Jamie and Erin discuss their relationship.
    • Charlie is handed some cigarettes, but he says that he’s trying to quit the habit.
  • If Connie the Dog survived, he’ll be here along with the remaining characters. Even if the hoomans end up dead, the dog will be considered the sole survivor, funnily enough.
  • If none of the main characters survived and Connie was killed/never got on the boat, this lakeside area will be empty.
  • Whatever the case may be, you’ll see Du’Met’s bowler hat on the shore. A hand is shown picking it up.

Note: You won’t get the lakeside scene/s if Mark and Kate if you reached the Ultimatum finale. Instead, you’ll watch Kate and Mark get sniped by Du’Met as they attempt to escape.

The news report and the next victims

Next, a news reporter talks about the strange occurrences that had just happened:

  • If characters survived, the extent of the crimes in the Murder House will be revealed.
  • If no one survived, the reporter will say that the film crew mysteriously disappeared. Likewise, there’s been no word from the policeman who went to investigate the island.
  • While the reporter is talking, a bunch of yuppies react to the news. One of them says that their video went viral, and they’ve been offered a ticket to see a nifty attraction built by Du’Met.

Once everything’s done, you’ll see the animatronic barbershop quartet from the Staff Only chapter. The mannequins will start singing “O Death,” The Dark Pictures Anthology‘s theme. Last but not least, there’s a short cinematic that plays after the end credits roll. It’s a teaser trailer for Directive 8020, the next game in the series.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me is available via Steam.

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