Almost 20 minutes of Arkham Origins footage shown in new featurette

Batman explores the Batcave and more in this 17 minute gameplay clip from Warner Brothers’ upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins.

As a fan of the character, there is a ton to like in that gameplay walkthrough.

The inclusion of the Batcave in any capacity is a terrific idea, but to have it be an actual location that you can not only explore, but also interact with is great. I also like that Alfred is there and can be engaged for info and the kind of banter that fans have come to expect from the father/son relationship that Bruce and he have.

As for the whole vibe of the game’s mission that we saw- the ‘year one’ feel is a real treat. Batman: Arkham Origins may not be the origin story that the classic Frank Miller Batman: Year One book was, but it’s awfully darned close. Pitting the Dark Knight against the GCPD itself is an excellent nod to that revered story (my personal favorite) and the somewhat spotty history that he’s had with the police too.

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So, no Rocksteady developing, but so far so good for Batman: Arkham Origins. Find out if WB Games Montréal’s take on the series is the best yet when it drops onto the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U and PC this Friday- on October 25th.

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