Amazing Spider-Man #8-10 to get series of Black Cat covers

The Black Cat is back in Amazing Spidey. Felicia will be the subject of a series of covers for the story arc, from a trio of big name artists.

The Cat returns

What is Black Cat at this point? She’s definitely not been a hero, but I don’t know what kind of villain she is. She’s been a thief, sorta-anti-hero, and a freaking crime lord! So, what is she now that she’s back in Spidey’s life once again?

Black Cat didn’t commit the crime…but Spider-Man will need to befriend his once-foe-once-friend-once-crime-boss Felicia Hardy if he wants to solve this case!

This October and November, join Peter and Felicia Hardy in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN’s Black Cat arc, featuring two new variant covers by J.G. Jones (with colors by Paul Mounts), Mike Wieringo (with inks by Tim Townsend and colors by Jason Keith) and a Hidden Gem variant by J. Scott Campbell (with colors by Nei Ruffino).

The excitement starts this October – don’t miss the start of the action in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #8, on sale October 24th at your local comic shop!

This might not really feel like a “big” arc for the web-slinger, but Marvel is apparently treating it like it is. Three covers will adorn the series of comics, and these don’t appear to be variants. The three images that you see below will be the standard covers for The Amazing Spider-Man numbers eight through ten.

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All of them are looking great. The arc kicks off on October 24th.

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