Amazon disables all wealth transfers in New World to curb gold duplication glitch

New World players discovered a glitch that allowed them to duplicate gold. At least one way to accomplish it was having a player starting a trade with another, with zero gold, using a lag switch. After the sender confirmed their side of the trade, the receiver would enable the lag switch followed by them accepting the trade. The trade would then be canceled and a reconnection would occur. This often resulted in gold being duplicated, letting some players rack up coin that they hadn’t earned, much to the ire of players who want the economy and wealth transfers in New World to remain balanced and fair.

Amazon has already swiftly responded to this by disabling all wealth transfers until the glitch has been removed from New World. At the time of this writing, all players are unable to send currency, use the guild treasury, utilize trading posts, or initiate player-to-player trades. What’s more, anyone that has utilized the above glitch will be “actioned against” via an unannounced punishment.


The severity of this remains to be seen, but it appears that Amazon has no intention of letting cheaters get off scot-free. A representative has stated that players will be informed when wealth transfers will be turned back on, although there’s not yet any word on when that will occur.

New World gold duplication glitch results in wealth transfers being temporarily halted

New World launched to massive success in late September, often having over 800,000 players online concurrently. As of now, the player count has dropped to less than half that. Although its rank is still high enough to count it among the top three games on the storefront, behind Dota 2 and ahead of Apex Legends. The game, as MMOs often do, had some server issues at launch, leading to mixed Steam reviews. After the dust settled, it currently sits at 74% mostly positive with over 140,000 reviews. We’ll have more on wealth transfers as it’s known. Concerned users can check the status via the game’s official forum here.


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