Amazon’s Crucible now available on Steam for free

Amazon's Crucible now available on Steam for free

Amazon didn’t waste any time getting Crucible into our hands. Announced early May, Crucible is a free-to-play shooter, and the first title to come out of Amazon Game Studios. We got a few trailers and some extra information during the three weeks it was revealed. Today, however, you can play it. Crucible is now available to download on Steam.

The developer dropped a launch trailer for the game just moments ago. In it, we’re introduced to Crucible‘s zany cast of characters, each armed with their own weapons and abilities. There’s also an angry cat you can play, and I’m sure our own Tim McDonald is all about that shit.

Crucible is a team-based shooter with three different game modes, split between PvE and PvP. Heart of the Hives is a four-on-four mode where two teams battle it out while enormous monsters roam around. Alpha Hunters splits you into eight teams of two, and features a leveling system. The last is Harvester Command, where two teams of eight players fight to claim essence harvesters dotting the map. Amazon Games released trailers for each mode last week.

Room for one more

One wonders if Crucible can stand out among all the other team-based shooters out today. And there are plenty to choose from. Other than Overwatch, which is still alive and kicking, Riot has also taken to the field with Valorant. Hero-based shooters have certainly become the norm. And it seems to me that Crucible is betting to stand out on its unique game modes and upgradable heroes (not unlike what we see in most MOBAs). Naturally, we’ll have to wait and see if it can take off. Being free to play will certainly help its cause.

Crucible by Amazon Game Studios is available now, and can be downloaded off its Steam page.

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