AMD FSR 2.0 supported games list to expand to 19 titles

AMD FSR 2.0 supported games list to expand to 19 titles

There’s nothing worse than picking up a new game only to find out that your graphics card doesn’t run it quite as smooth as you’d like. Fortunately, this is becoming less of a common problem for those with modern systems and thanks to new, high quality image upscaling techniques. FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0, abbreviated as FSR 2.0, is the latest upscaler to hit the gaming market, and AMD has announced five more additions coming soon to the supported games list.

These titles include Abyss World, Hitman 3, Rescue Party: Live!, Super People, and The Callisto Protocol. This latest announcement brings the total up to 16 games where AMD FSR 2.0 support will be added soon. This should be appreciated, as the current offerings are limited to just the three titles Deathloop, God of War, and Farming Simulator 2022. 


The preexisting list of games with FSR 2.0 support coming soon included Asterigos, Delysium, EVE Online, Forspoken, Grounded, Microsoft Flight Simulator, NiShuiHan, Overprime, Perfect World Remake, Swordsman Remake, and Unknown 9: Awakening. 

These latest additions bring that count up to 16 games you can expect. AMD also noted that more announcements are in the works for the weeks and months ahead. Considering all of the AAA games we’re sure to learn about in the coming week during this summer’s non-E3, some are sure to be added to the list of supported titles for AMD FSR 2.0.

Amd Fsr 2.0 Supported Games List 1

More in the works

In addition to this announcement, AMD also disclosed that numerous game developers have committed to adding FSR 2.0 support in future projects. This list of developers includes ACME Game Studio, Arkane Lyon, Asobo Studio, CCP Games, GIANTS Software, IO Interactive, Luminous Productions, Luoxigu Network, Obsidian Entertainment, Perfect World Games (developer of Perfect World and Swordsman), Reflection/Bandai Namco, Respawn Entertainment,, Santa Monica Studio, Souleve/Netmarble F&C, Striking Distance Studios, Tag Studio, Thunder Fire, and Wonder People. Some of these studios obviously have games already on the coming soon list.

Amd Fsr 2.0 Supported Games List

You can’t always have the latest toys

Finally, AMD wrapped up the announcement with an updated list of games that now support FSR 1.0. Although the original solution uses a spatial upscale algorithm compared to the superior temporal solution in 2.0, it’s still worth using on the Quality setting if you’re having trouble getting smooth framerates in games that offer it. This is all the more true at higher resolutions.

You can now try FSR 1.0 in Arma Reforger, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Dolmen, Hitman 3, iRacing, Project Xandata, Raji: An Ancient Epic Enhanced Edition, Sniper Elite 5, The Elder Scrolls Online, and V Rising.

With all this talk about AMD’s FSR 2.0, we’ll keep our ears open for any potential announcements from Nvidia about improvements to DLSS and an expanded list of supported games for Team Green’s fancy AI upscaler tech. Regardless it’s great to see that these two companies are making games run smoother than ever with minimal to no visual losses in fidelity. AMD is now past 70 titles with FSR support, and Nvidia has already exceeded 150.

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