AMD goes straight for Nvidia with FidelityFX vs. DLSS

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As graphics cards continue to get more advanced, the companies behind them continue to deploy new technologies that allow consumers to ink out as much of the digital beauty as possible. One new method of doing so is by upscaling technology. Nvidia showed off its DLSS tech a while back. It makes games look better by using AI to boost the output resolution and performance, which results in a crisper image and smoother gameplay. Now, AMD, aka Team Red, will soon be releasing its take on the tech — FidelityFX Super Resolution. 

Launching in just a matter of weeks, FSR will deliver 2.5x more performance in “select titles” using the dedicated performance mode. Speaking of different modes, AMD confirms that there will be three more in addition to the performance mode: ultra quality, quality, and balanced. The names are pretty self-explanatory, similar to that of in-game graphic presets. AMD users who rock either a laptop or desktop GPU can make use of the new FideltiyFX functionality, so nobody is left out. The gate of entry is also accessible to those over on Team Green.


Interestingly, AMD itself went ahead and confirmed that Nvidia’s cards will also make use of the FidelityFX technology. If you’re not a fan of Nvidia’s offering or there’s a game that supports one over the other, it appears that you have the option to jump from one to the other. This leads to FSR being supported by over 100 CPUs and GPUs. The technology is still something that game developers will have to integrate into their titles on a game-by-game basis, however. For instance, Microsoft Flight Simulator, a notoriously demanding title, does not even support Nvidia’s DLSS technology let alone FidelityFX. Though, it might certainly help some players run it better.

AMD Gaming Super Resolution

Credit: AMD

More power to the players

As stated before, you’ll be able to get your hands on FidelityFX very soon. On June 22, right after E3 2021 wraps up, it will be available to consumers. The first supported games will also arrive this month, with more joining into the fray as the year proceeds. A definitive list of supported games has not yet been released, but expect that to come when FSR is rolled out.

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