American Truck Simulator Wyoming expansion will add the ‘Bison State’

American Truck Simulator Wyoming expansion will add the 'Bison State'

SCS Software has been on a roll this year in terms of new content for its truck simulators. American Truck Simulator in particular has received a lot of love from its creators. The content rollout will continue on into next year too, with the first expansion now teased as the Bison State. Officially speaking, it’s known as the state of Wyoming. American Truck Simulator fans can expect Wyoming to add plenty of new sights, and creatures.

This brand-new state expansion has been revealed in a teaser trailer which doesn’t tell you much on its own. However, eagle-eyed simmers made out that the thumbnail for the trailer is actually a representation of Wyoming’s flag, which features a huge bison wrapped in dark blue, white, and red. Anyone familiar with the state will also know that the bison is the state’s official animal and herds of them can be found roaming around, as shown in the trailer.


Can I get some wings with my order of truck fries?

Wyoming being the next state expansion for American Truck Simulator is logical considering the previous releases of Idaho, Utah, and Colorado. All of those states actually border Wyoming from the west, southwest, and south, respectively.  Once Wyoming is completed and released, that would leave just Montana as the last standout. At that point, almost the whole continental western expanse of the United States would be represented in the sim.

Wyoming should be a joy to drive around as it’s yet another state that’s big on nature. It’s the tenth largest state by area, so expect to take exceptionally long road trips. Despite its size, only a little over half a million people live there. Nevertheless, it makes up for it with beautiful features like the Rocky Mountains which run through its western half. The High Plains run through the east. You’ll also find the Grand Teton and Yellowstone national parks there. As evidenced by the past expansions, SCS pays a lot of attention to natural details like this, so we can expect to see most, if not all, represented in some way when the state’s virtualization into American Truck Simulator is complete.

A release date has not yet been revealed, but if the team’s track record is anything to go by, we can expect to be hauling through the state of the bison by springtime 2021. Hopefully by then, the new Freightliner Cascadia truck that was recently teased will also be released. Cruising through a new state in a new truck seems like a pretty sweet deal.

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