Among Us developer InnerSloth working on removing cheaters

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With its meteoric rise to the top of Steam’s top seller list and Twitch’s categories, Among Us has run into the same problems any popular game can expect. Among Us has been rife with cheaters and bugs for a while now, and the game’s servers are still lacking. Players who can host a server on their first attempt might as well go out and buy a lottery ticket. But, developer InnerSloth has plans for fixing all the game’s issues, although they might take a while to actually reach players.

A small patch launched today and a detailed post on Steam addresses some of these issues directly. “Firstly, we want to be sure to talk about the cheating and hacking going on,” said Puffballs United, one of the game’s developers. “It was pretty bad there for a bit, so Forte pushed out server changes really fast.” As it so happens, those server changes ended up causing some of the bugs currently present in Among Us. As such, InnerSloth is going to continue rolling out server updates and anti-hacks, but at a much slower pace.

More content in the meantime

The update itself doesn’t contain much to address these issues. Various options are being added to Among Us, such as an anonymous voting option and different task bar modes, but nothing that resolves the game’s larger issues.

Instead, those will be addressed in the future. “We have lots of things planned, but no real official roadmap,” said Puffballs United in the post. “We play things pretty loose so we can tackle what we think the game needs most.” To that end, the larger changes coming to Among Us in the future are sure to iron out cheaters and bugs, with some new content to boot.

In December, players can expect accounts to be added to the game. With these in place, players will be able to report accounts for cheating or just being toxic in-game. Later on down the line, these accounts will also have friends lists, meaning we may not need room codes for that much longer.

A new map is also on the way that is based on Henry Stickmin, a series created by Puffballs United. According to the post, this new map will be larger than Polus and contain a number of new tasks. Naturally, whenever the map comes out, it will be free to all players.

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