Among Us mod allows you to play a chaotic match with 100 crewmates

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Over time, mods in various games have provided fans with more ways to play. Among Us already has various in-game customization settings. However, the popular murder mystery game now has a mod that can make your matches more frantic than ever. The well-known Youtuber, Socksfor1, has shared a mod which allows you to have 100 players in one match.

The modified file was first shared on Socksfor1’s Discord server. Now, it has become accessible to everyone, without having to meet the requirements of the Discord server. All you have to do is download the mod and try it out for yourself. You may want to customize your match to allow you to have more impostors to accommodate a high number of players. Also, disabling emergency meetings may be useful as it ensures a hundred crew mates can not keep using the feature.

Let the chaos begin!

As you can imagine, seeing a hundred crewmates completing their tasks at the same time is unusual. In addition, having a large number of players can allow the impostors to pull off some sneaky kills and hide among the crowd. Although having 100 players can be entertaining, you may encounter some issues along the way. You may find communicating with 100 players to be a difficult task. Ultimately, this can lead to random players being voted out when a body is found.

It will be interesting to see what other opportunities emerge as more mods are developed. Hopefully, the development of Among Us mods does not provide more chances for hackers to ruin games. Recently, Among Us went under emergency maintenance as a result of a high volume of hackers. Developer InnerSloth also informed fans that they are working on implementing a system to fight toxicity in the game. It is promising to see the developers continue the fight against cheaters.

Among Us 100 players mod

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