Anda Seat Phantom 3 gaming chair announced, due for spring release

Gaming chairs remain a point of debate for many gamers on whether or not the comfort and quality are worth the rising costs. These racing seat/office chair hybrids have reached widespread adoption and continue to evolve as new features and designs emerge. The last few years have been particularly good for the overall market, as gaming chairs are now a far cry from the cheap early models. Anda Seat is one such brand that’s been raising the standards of quality and comfort, but its products have become a bit pricey on select models. Fortunately, that’s not the case with the upcoming Phantom 3 gaming chair from Anda Seat.

The Phantom 3 is due to debut this spring, and it features a number of design refinements that make it sound like a very attractive product. And that’s not even the best part. The $299 USD price point puts it notably lower than a lot of the competition out there. What’s particularly nice about this chair is that it also comes with the proper lumbar cushions that fit the natural grooves of your back unlike most the odd round lumbar cushions that are anything but comfortable.


The savings for this particular new model likely stem from the smaller size profile, which is perhaps the only drawback. Depending on your frame. The Anda Seat Phantom 3 is designed for individuals below 200lbs (91kg) and preferably below a height of 5’9″ (~1.75m). If you think about from a worldwide perspective, that size profile fits a lot of people and likely means the company is able to pass on more savings from increased volume production. That, and the chairs don’t need to be spec’d out to higher weight classes with taller frames.

We’ve personally reviewed Anda Seat chairs at PC Invasion and found the quality to be worthy among the ranks of the best gaming chairs, although we’ve had some minor complaints to be fair. Anda Seat makes great gaming chairs overall though, and the Phantom 3 looks like it has the elements to receive a solid recommendation.

Anda Seat Phantom 3 Gaming Chair 2022 Colors Review

Choose from several styles

The Phantom 3 will come in four different color schemes and two different materials. Customers can select from the PVC leather material in Cloudy White, Black, or Creamy Pink color schemes or just go with the Ash Gray fabric. We like that the pillows now have matching colors for the logo stitching too.

As noted, these chairs are due for a spring release. The current release window is set for March. We’re particularly keen to check this model out, so keep an eye out for our detailed review if you have your other eye set on buying one of these. You can find more information about the Phantom 3 gaming chair on the product page at Anda Seat’s website.

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