Another Crab’s Treasure is a crabby Souls-like with a PC release in 2023

Another Crab's Treasure is a crabby Souls-like with a PC release in 2023

The developer of Going Under, Aggro Crab (which I hope is a Guts reference), is at last living up to the potential of its name. Another Crab’s Treasure is the team’s next project, and it’s scuttling toward a 2023 release window on PC via Steam. The game was shown earlier today in its crabby glory during the Nintendo Indie World showcase.

Proving the point that just about anything work with the Souls-like formula, the game stars a fork-wielding hermit crab. Though, it doesn’t seem like it’s always a fork. Sometimes it looks like a spork, other times, maybe a small wrench. But what is for sure is that the game is set up as an underwater treasure-hunting quest. You fight enemies, as well as bosses with moves you need to memorize.


As a wee crab, it’s not like you can don a suit of medieval armor. Increasing your defense requires you to slide your shelly butt into shells and discarded garbage found on the sea floor. You can slip into a thimble, a soda can, or a ceramic pot in order to take a few attacks. You can negate damage by slipping into your “armor” completely. It seems like a fun take on familiar systems, and I’m sure the game will have players scurrying about looking for the best trash to carry into battle. There are more than 50 of these to find.

One crab’s trash

Undersea trash is both a blessing and a curse in Another Crab’s Treasure. It can be exchanged for goods and services as a resource. However, its existence has also spurned the growth of an infection called “the Gunk.” It seems to be pulling double duty as not only the reason for your quest, but as an unsubtle environmental message.

Combat is your Soulsy affair. You can dodge attacks, and use special Umami Abilities you can learn “from the denizens of the seas.” There may even be a way to parry enemies. Melee weaponry seems the most common, but the game’s Steam page also mentions firearms, and now my interest has piqued.

Another Crab’s Treasure has a release window for 2023, and is coming to PC via Steam.

Another Crab's Treasure Pc Souls Like 2023 release

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