Another day, another tease with ‘Count on Marvel’ teaser image

February 26, 2013
Comics, industry, News


Marvel Comics released another teaser to follow up their Marvel #1 news from yesterday with Count on Marvel. This one’s even more cryptic than the last, but clues abound if you look close enough…

First off, there are 52 slashes. That could be a reference to the 52 weeks that make up the year, and it could also be a stab at DC Comics’ New 52 reboot. I think it’s more than likely that it is given the fact that the press release adds “Cuts above the rest…” to the image.

The word ‘cuts’, of course, automatically makes me think of Wolverine. Could one of Marvel’s most popular characters (if not the most) be the centerpiece of a new weekly series? Could be. Could Count on Marvel be linked to Marvel #1? I’d put some cash on that possibility.

Info’s not exactly plentiful though, so let the speculation commence…

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