Another Dead Space remake livestream is coming this week with a focus on art

Another Dead Space remake livestream is coming this week with a focus on art

Development on the Dead Space remake by EA Motive is still churning on, and the team is ready to show off some more. Later this week, the developer is hosting another livestream. This time, it’ll all be about the art of the Dead Space remake — you’ll know more when the next livestream begins on May 12.

Slowly but surely, EA Motive is breaking down each component of the game. Last time, the studio dove into the game’s refreshed audio. It was a fairly lengthy look and weapon and ambient sound, and it introduced a new A.L.I.V.E. system that can alter the sounds of breathing and heartbeats. But the livestreams have had a second purpose since they began. The Dead Space remake is still fairly early in development, and EA Motive has used these showcases as a way to gather early feedback.


Following the audio livestream, the developer took the community’s notes to heart. Fans weren’t fond of the gun sounds, so the studio modified them. EA Motive shared the changes online, and a majority of the replies seem to indicate that the alterations were good. The next Dead Space remake livestream may similarly gather feedback on the art, and the team may make tweaks after.

Looking good

The livestream has a lot to cover. While the focus will be on art, the studio has broken it down into several categories. The livestream will cover lighting, environments, characters, visual effects, and more. Following the last livestream, the developer released more videos detailing every aspect shown. The same might happen after the next one.

The Dead Space remake art livestream will begin on May 12 at 1 PM ET. You can watch it at Motive’s Twitch channel or YouTube page.

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