Apex Legends celebrates Halloween with eerie Monsters Within event

Apex Legends celebrates Halloween with eerie Monsters Within event

Respawn Entertainment has just announced the Halloween event for Apex Legends. Players can look forward to the classic Shadow Royale, a new Arena, a spooky-themed rewards track, and plenty of cosmetics. The Apex Legends Halloween event, titled Monsters Within, will run from October 12 to November 2. Now you have another thing to do alongside the Bloodhound Apex Chronicle that is currently available.

There’s something for all Apex Legends fans in the Monsters Within event. If you like the premium cosmetics found in the store, there will be new Monsters Within Packs that you can purchase for a not unreasonable 400 Apex Coins. These packs guarantee you an item from the event that isn’t a duplicate. There will also be some of the most popular cosmetics from previous Halloween events in the store.


If you prefer to earn your cosmetics and save your hard-earned cash, then you can dive into the event’s rewards track. It will be divided into three weeks and features a ton of rewards. Week one will run from October 12 to 19. The highlights from this track are three Holosprays. In week two, you can unlock a Monsters Within Pack, which is very nice to see. This will run from October 19 to 26. And finally, from October 26 to November 2, you will be able to unlock a Halloween-themed skin for Loba.

Each rewards track also includes a ton of stars for battle pass levels and a standard Apex Legends Pack. I don’t think anyone can complain about the freebies this year.

Apex Legends Monsters Within Rewards Track

A new stage

The Monsters Within event will also coincide with the introduction of the new Apex Legends Arena map, Encore. It is located on Seer’s home planet of Boreas, and it is where the maestro made a name for himself. Respawn describes the map as open with two high ground power positions – a VIP lounge and a stage.

For the final week of the event, Revenant will take center stage once again and play host to Shadow Royale. In this dark twist on the battle royale, players will need to try to survive the night and board the dropship before they are killed by other players or the Shadow Legends. All players who die in this event are returned as Shadows. These ghastly abominations are faster, more agile, and have a ferocious melee attack. They also come back to life when killed. Best of luck.

From October 26 to November 1, players will also be able to celebrate Dia de Los Muertos with a special Octane bundle. The bundle includes the Epic Muerte Rápida skin for Octane, the Epic Altar Ego banner frame, and a matching Rare Flirting with Death skin for the Volt. You will also get two Octane Packs, which are guaranteed to have at least one Octane item inside.

Octane Muerte Rápida Bonus Bundle

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