Apex Legends is debuting on Steam today, can be pre-loaded

Apex Legends is debuting on Steam today, can be pre-loaded

Apex Legends, the futuristic battle royale and one of the best challengers in the genre to Fortnite, is finally heading over to Steam after launching exclusively on Origin last year. Officially, the game will be available for Steam users later tonight, at 11 PM ET. Luckily, those looking to drop into a game of Apex Legends won’t have to wait until late tonight and download the whole thing. The game can currently be pre-loaded so as soon as it actually launches players can start playing.

Pre-loading Apex Legends on Steam is pretty simple. Just head over to the game’s store page and hit the pre-load button. It will be right where the button to buy a game usually is. Apex doesn’t take up that much space, just a little over 50 GB, so if the download is started soon, there shouldn’t be any worry about having the game ready by the time it actually releases.

When it does go live on Steam, Apex Legends will support cross-play and cross-progression between any consoles and Origin, so there won’t be any problems playing with friends on other platforms or swapping between platforms. It also means that players thankfully won’t have to give up the progression they’ve made so far in the game if they want to switch from Origin to Steam.

New seasonal treats

Today also marks the beginning of Apex Legendsseventh season, which brings with it a heap of changes and new content. The game’s usual map, King’s Canyon, is taking a reprieve and being replaced by Olympus for the time being. This new map places players in a large arena in the clouds and should feel more open than King’s Canyon, with its high stone walls and tight, boxy buildings.

Finally, a new legend is making her debut: Horizon, a charming Scottish time-traveler. At her disposal are a repulsor that can launch players up into the air, a passive ability that renders her immune to stuns after falling, and last but not least, an ultimate that conjures up a black hole.

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